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any body get a boner in a publice place and what did you do

Secret Boyfreinds!!
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im just wondering, did anyone esle have a secret crush with a boy at school? or still do?

i did and yes i do :)

White Briefs?
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Recetnly, while looking for a jockstrap (still couldnt find one) I came across some white briefs (tighty whities) that I used to wear when I was younger and decided to get some. I have been wearing boxers

Gay Pioneers in New Zealand
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Gay history is filled with Oscar Wilde and the Stonewall riots, but a month or so ago a pioneer in the gay community in New Zealand died.

Tony Katavich, along with his business partners, stood up and was counted at a time when not only was gay sex illegal, but openly repressed, in my country and did so at enormous personal cost.

I knew Tony's business partner, Brett Sheppard, very well, but only met him on a single occasion when he told me an hilarious story -

In 1975, in the bad old days, their gay sauna was subjected to its periodical raid by the Police and if that wasn't bad enough, one of the walls chose that moment to cave in - literally on top of around 100 men having sex with each other!

As the Police were pulling bleeding, naked men out of the rubble covered in bricks and masonry, the Inspector in charge of the raid wasn't sure whether to arrest everyone or call for ambulances! haha!

Here is his obituary
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great english funny like him?

Wet Dreams
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Can any of you remember the first time you had a wet dream? What was it about?

I've only had one wet dream in my entire life. It happened when I was in the 7th grade so I had to of been about 13 years old.

I dreamed that I was in the school gymnasium. I was on one end of the court, underneath the basketball hoop, humping one of my friends doggy-style while a bunch of kids were playing basketball on the opposite end of the court. That's all I remember.

That was a moderately sticky experience.

everything I have posted is gone
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Everything I have uploaded is pretty much gone ;/ I'm kinda mad bcuz those were the files and pics that i loved so i just put it up here so i didn't need to keep it on the comp so i lost everything :(

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the best way to someones heart is to do this;

Fix it
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Am I the only one who has trouble getting the vids to play?

Skype with me ?
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My nick name for skype: tommygay4

Porn Actors
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Who is your favorite porn actor of all time and what makes him special

Josh Brandon
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I have just been listening to this on the radio and found it quite interesting; I have known of this Josh fellow for a while and think he is amazingly cute (he is also cut lol)...Well worth a listen

Jacking Escapades: Caught by a Policeman (Repost)
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A Brief Note on My Blogs

I recently wrote a blog titled "Jacking Escapade" that shared with GBT one of the highest sensual experiences I have had to date. In sharing that experience, I hoped to allow my reader into an intimate part of my life that I normally wouldn't share. That is to say, I exposed some of my eroticisms and the things I do behind the computer screen with the videos you all share here on GBT. From my previous blog postings and my past comments on some of your blogs, I hope you can decipher that I usually try to think as clearly as possible about topics and to add to the discourse of this site with topics I find interesting. In this same effort, I shared what some would consider the perverse experience of going into my roommate's room and dry humping his bed. By sharing this highly sensual experience, in some detail, I hoped (a) that others would enjoy reading about it and (b) that I would find others who would share their own experiences. With these two goals in mind, I hoped to further cultivate the community here on GBT. Of course, as a student of English, I also wanted to try my hand at recreating the scenario in the finest manner my writing skills permitted; in short, it was an exercise of my writing skills. It would seem that I was successful to some extent as I did receive some feedback. One comment I received, however, commented on the "pervy and creepy" nature of my actions. While I acknowledge what I did in my roommate's absence that day, and once more today, could definitely be deemed indecent, I was quite bemused by the wording of this negative feedback. Of all the sites on the internet to call someone pervy and creepy GBT is an interesting choice.

For a sexual practice to be perverted it must go against the status quo's generalizations of what is proper. Using this definition all of GBT can be considered perverted. Remember that the conceptualization of gays is that they are queers, the oddities of society. If someone were to call us perverted for being gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or just sexual beings in general, we would think them to be both mad and ignorant because our sexuality is part of our being. If someone on a site dedicated to gay pornography called someone else perverted, then what do we think them to be? Not participating in the fetishisms of others is a perfectly fine choice, but chastising someone for their fetishisms, especially when your own sexual desires can just as easily be placed under the same scrutiny, is a wildly interesting choice. As long as no one is being harmed by your erotic needs, unless that's what they are into, what is the harm in deriving pleasure from, say, dry humping your roommate's bed, golden showers, Roman showers, electroshock, stimming, hooking up in a dirty bathroom at a rest stop, or jacking off in your car in a secluded spot?

Not everything in that list is a fetish of mine. I have quite an amount of fetishes, and I have knowledge and respect for the fetishes of others. Some fetishes made me uncomfortable at first, but after embracing them, I found immense pleasure. I told TheCheshireCat in private that the routine of grabbing a bottle of lube and having a wank becomes boring. This is why we should explore our sexual desires and why I like to try and expand my own horizons of pleasure. As humans, we are highly sensual and sexual beings, so it's in our nature to fulfill our sexual desires. I do believe that if we do not agree with someone's choice of eroticisms, we do not have to censure them. I do hope that any readers of my future blogs detailing my past and future jacking escapades will understand and entertain my philosophy. I will also try to afix a brief disclaimer in my subsequent jacking escapade blogs.

Now that I have vented a bit, without further interruption, here is one of what I hope to be many of my shared stories...


After starting college, my parents decided that I needed a car to get me between school and work, so they lent me their 1995 Pontiac Grand-Am. At the same time that I received this freedom of the road, my cousin began to live with us, taking away even more of my non-existent privacy. In a two bedroom, one bathroom house with six occupants, you can imagine that privacy wasn't a thing I got all of the time. Previously, I balanced my jacking sessions between my mother and brother's schedules, and now with my cousin in the picture, finding a window of opportunity became a challenging ordeal. I shared my room with my older brother and cousin, so regardless of the time of day, someone was always there in the room. What was a boy to do? I decided that my borrowed car was an excellent sanctum for my needs.

The idea didn't immediately come to me until one night, after quite a dry spell of opportunities, I was working the closing shift, and it suddenly dawned on me that I could use the cover of night to roam around and find a secluded spot where I could have a little fun with myself. This idea made my dick twitch with excitement, and I couldn't wait to leave the building and get to my car. Once in the privacy of my car, the ideas of where to go began to sprawl through my mind. I drove around for a while feeling out different areas. With the intermittent sounds of police sirens (I didn't live on the best side of town) and the alertness I had for every stray light, finding a spot really became a Goldilocks issue. Finally, after searching for almost an hour, I found a building with an empty parking lot situated behind a storage facility and some ATT building. Something about the spot felt right, so I parked there, turned off the engine, and sat patiently.

I sat listening for any disturbances from the surrounding area. I heard some sirens off in the distance, but other than that I felt comfortable. When I decided I was safe, I slid into the back seat, where I began to undress myself. I have heard the argument presented before that you're not supposed to get naked when you're jacking off just in case you have to make a quick getaway, but I like my whole body to participate in the experience. With my clothes off, I can better experience the feel of fabrics, my caresses, the traveling of lube/split, and my cum trailing down the sides of my abdomen, plus it's freeing to be naked. So, like I always try to do, I began to undress myself by unbuttoning my work shirt, sliding my undershirt off, and slowly undoing my pants and pulling them off. There I was in the backseat of my car with the glow of the streetlights from the storage facility illuminating my body. My heart raced with excitement from what I was doing, and my dick slowly twitched and came to life. At this time in my life, I really liked seeing guy's throats get reamed, seeing all the spit really got me going. I began incorporating large amounts of spit into my jacking sessions, but since I had a brother and a cousin to look out for, I could never get too wild. This was my moment to let loose, so I began spitting all over my chest and dick. The feeling of my spit traveling down the sides of my torso and down toward my crotch drove me insane. I spent quite a while drenching myself and soaking the backseat with spit. I was mesmerized by the suctioning sounds of my spit with each wank of my dick, and I was even more so mesmerized with the long strands of saliva with which I began to play. All these new sensations, and the fact that I was in my car, parked behind a building, drove me to the edge. I soon felt the urge to cum, so I sank low into the backseat and did the ritual stare down with my cock as I watched streams of cum blast out. One jet hit me in the face, while the others landed on my chest. I remained breathless in this sprawled position in the backseat of my car for some time. I eventually grabbed my shirt and wiped up the mess oozing all over my chest and crotch. I lazily slid my pants back on, buttoned my work shirt, and then I crawled back into the driver's seat to head home.

Needless to say, I had a good time with myself that night and it lead to other nights in the backseat of my car behind that building. One time I got really daring and got out of the car to jack off under the walkway of the building. The cool night air, the yellow glow of the streetlight, and the openness had me on overdrive that night. For some reason, I only got out of the car that one night, and I was always too afraid to do it again. Besides my first spot, I did venture to other areas such as on the side of a Denny's that had gone out of business and behind an abandoned seafood restaurant. I was instantly hooked on my late night fun in the backseat of my car. I did, however, push the limits too far.

One night, after a study session, I decided I needed some stress relief. On my way home, I noticed this recently constructed industrial complex near my neighborhood. I pulled behind the warehouse to begin my usual routine of sitting there feeling out the vibes of the place. Nothing seemed odd to me, and by this point all of my successful sessions convinced me of my invincibility, so I slid into the backseat. This night I didn't completely undress myself, but I did pull my pants to my ankles. Just as I started my spitting, I heard the sound of a car heading toward my direction. I immediately sunk down into my seat, hoping that they would drive by without noticing me. I was mistaken. The car pulled up behind me and its driver exited with a flashlight--it was a police officer. He slowly walked toward my car and asked me to get out, while I fumbled with my pants, not caring about the spit oozing and sliding around my underwear. My heart raced and sunk as I imagined being arrested and my future ruined. I would get kicked out of my degree program. How would I explain this to my family when I called them from jail? With these and a million others thoughts in mind, I slowly got out of the car and stood before the police officer. He asked me sternly what I was doing, and I responded with a half mumbled, "Masturbating." With my response, he gave me an odd stare and said, "Shit, I thought you were back there with somebody. Here I am just trying to take a piss. Do you realize what I can arrest you for?" I began to list off all the charges I imagined he could get me for, and he told me as he shook his head, "Keep going. Why are you doing this here instead of at your house? Where do you live?" I told him I lived in the neighborhood nearby and about the situation in my house. He smirked, and in a matter of fact way said, "Next time just go in the bathroom." After this comment, he told me to go and to never do it again. I couldn't believe it! He let me go! I imagine it was my pathetic state that garnered me some sympathy, or the fact that I told him I was a student working on becoming a radiologist. Whatever the cause for his pardon, I didn't much care to think about it at that time; I quickly got back into my car and drove home. I imagine that he told his buddies for a good laugh.

From that night on, I was terrified to do anything in public. Admittedly, I have jacked off in my car again, but I don't do it in the same carefree manner nor with the same frequency that I once did. Not only did he stop me from my car sessions for a couple of years, but he also made me stop my hiking trail sessions altogether, a story for another time. While the urges to seek the thrill and to feel the sun and wind on my naked body keep growing, with so much on the line if I get caught, I have learned to control them. I tell myself one day I can own some land, and then I can have some fun.

What is that video where...?
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What is that video where kids are playing soccer and then two of them start kissing and where can I find it?

Has anyone else seen the video? I saw it years ago, I think there's a foul and then they start kissing on the ground and the parents are furious about it.

I got a Question
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Is being a homosexual is a mortal sin? My parents were born again Christians and they said gay people are sinners is that true or they're wrong?

Video Games
Views: 248 · Added: 82 days ago

What video games are you currently playing?

Views: 3519 · Added: 83 days ago

How many times do you wank a day?

Today I planned on being a good student after work by doing my readings, but then I was distracted by a few videos on here and some pretty intense Xtube videos (I think I was setting myself up for failure). I kind of enjoy the whole edging, domination, torture thing, and the videos I came across on Xtube had me leaking precum all down the leg of my pajamas.

I was really horny and the fuzzy pajamas I was wearing felt great rubbing against my cock, so I got to the point where I needed some release. Becuase my pjs felt so good, I decided a bed hump would be nice. As I started getting into my humping, looking at my ass flex with each thrust in the mirror, some strong urge came over me to go into my roommate's room and finish up.

To be honest, the thought of jacking off on my roommate's bed has come up before, but he locks his door when he isn't home for the weekend/breaks and his odd schedule makes it hard to judge how long I will have before he comes back. I don't really know why I have had this desire to go at it on his bed. I'm not really attracted to him, but the forbiddeness of the act makes me excited. Today he left the apartment with the door to his room ajar, and in the middle of my session, the opportunity dawned on me.

I stopped my humping, tucked my dick under the waistband of my pjs, and snuck into the hall that separates our bedrooms as if he would jump out at any moment. I peeked my head into his room to confirm his absence, and seeing the room abandoned, I gently nudged the door open to reveal a poster of a naked woman hanging over his blanketless bed. This is the most I've seen of his room because he usually keeps the door closed and I talk to him from the doorway, so I was as excited as a cat looking into a stray box. As I snuck into his room, edging closer to his bed, my heart began to pound as thoughts of him opening the front door and seeing me in there raced through my mind.

I slowly layed on his bed belly-side down. As soon as my crtoch sank into his soft mattress, I began to grind with a passion. I could smell his scent in the fabric as I began fucking his bed hard and fast. The whole time my ears were at full attention, listening for the sound of his car alarm or footsteps in the hall outside the door, until I got closer and closer to cumming. The fear of getting caught, the forbiddeness of what I was doing, the feel of my fuzzy pajamas, and the smells from his soft bed had me on overdrive, so as I edged closer to orgasm, I didn't care how loud my humping was or whether he walked in on me; I was in a moment of bliss. The load I shot in my pajamas was so insane and powerful that I haven't had a cum like that in months.

Celebs to bang
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List the top 3 celebs you would bang. Mine are
1. Ryan Sheckler
2. Justin Bieber
3. Josh Hutcherson

Go to to see how hot Dan Osborne was on Splash AND watch the video clip to see Tom Daley 'eye fucking' Dan, plus needing to hold his hands in front of his own package while he was 'eye fucking' Dan.

today only
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ok, if your willing, please share where you ejaculated today and give it some descriptive detail. starting now and throughout the day. i did it in the shower, painting a new design on the wall tiles!

Do you all have a preference cumming on a towel or toilet paper when masturbating?

I was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on Ghost B.C.?

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does anyone really pull out and shoot their load all over a guys back? i mean what a waste.

Views: 80 · Added: 83 days ago

Are you an "eye-humper"?

Do you look at a cute guy and immediately start having sexual fantasies about him?

Do those fantasies cause you to experience a sudden swelling in your pants?

Do you go someplace private and relieve your sudden outbreak of rigor mortis while having sick, depraved thoughts about the person you just met and know absolutely nothing about?

Do you moan while you tenderize your meat just to add to the sexual thrill?

Do you clean yourself up afterwards without any regrets or remorse?

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then you are as perverted as I am. You feel good about yourself now?

top or bottom
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my partner and i have had many interesting discussions as to how a guy developes preference toward top or bottom. we have had the aggresive/passive discussion, but also ownder if it could be within a persons genes to have a preference. maybe it could be based on favorable or horrible experiences. what are your thoughts?

Jerk off session
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on average how long do you jerk it before you cum?

size penis
Views: 948 · Added: 84 days ago

What is your favorite size you like to suck? Small? Large?

World Leaders....Yet Again
Views: 41 · Added: 84 days ago

New Zealand is leading the World once again. This afternoon our Parliament passed a motion supporting gay rights in Russia and calling on other nations to do the same...

Abuse In The Workplace
Views: 146 · Added: 84 days ago

Here is a story about a gay man awarded compensation for abuse and harrassment by psycho employers

size test
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i'm on a roll tonight. if you take an average roll of toilet paper and stick your hard dick into the tube, you are below average if nothing sticks out the other end. if your whole head sticks out you have something worth bragging about. if you have enought sticking out to jo, you are a king in dick size. if it is too thick to stick through the roll, you have a fat cock. if the toilet paper will unroll while on your erection, you might get a part time job. if you try it with a roll of paper towels and it comes out the other end, private message me and i will look you up.

sleepless in cali
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2:00 am and can't sleep, guess I'll watch sea hunt and highway patrol. love to check out the way to cool boats and cars on those showes.


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