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Webcam recomdationi
Views: 310 · Added: 78 days ago

SInce gaytube doesn't have webcam/webchat available anymore, any recomdation to what else could be used?

Black video bars
Views: 117 · Added: 78 days ago

Hi all! Am I all alone or do the black bars on the videos bother anyone else? I'm positive thay cut off parts of the action/actors bodies and do they have to be there? Please HELP... :-(

Beautiful Uncut Skin!
Views: 290 · Added: 78 days ago

Maybe its just the guys I have been with! Doesn't foreskin make a guy look younger? Don't get me wrong uncut guys are awsome too ;P but boys with a sensetive package are more satisfying to please :)

i'm going to learn about body language
Views: 127 · Added: 78 days ago

does it interest you

Profile Pictures
Views: 164 · Added: 78 days ago

We had a discussion about the profile pics recently. so i decided to change my and use an oldo foto of myself. i hope you like the younger "me" of me ;-)

Views: 165 · Added: 78 days ago

what happened to the video :(
Views: 191 · Added: 78 days ago

so the title of the video was movieboys i think. and i was downloading it and well it never got to finish for some reason and now its gone :( :( :(

Views: 590 · Added: 78 days ago

I'm bored!
Views: 74 · Added: 79 days ago

Hey anyone who is reading this message me please! I want more gay friends!
I PREFER Under 23, lives in the Philadelphia Area.

Getting naked and jacking off when 'rents leave!
Views: 130 · Added: 79 days ago

Mom and Dad are aways atm, so this guy will gladly PLAY!

any one know ?
Views: 298 · Added: 79 days ago

does any one know the origin of this photo ? from a movie or just a random web pic it

Pacific coast HWY
Views: 153 · Added: 79 days ago

Help for New Members
Views: 261 · Added: 80 days ago

Id like to Encourage, New members that Have joined recently to,
1/ Upload a profile pic of some Kind,even if its not you,It could even be a Cartoon
or Animated Gif .But remember they must be 120 x 100 pixels. I use Fotosizer for this which is a good program for beginners.
2/ If you,d like to make friends,make sure you fill in some of your profile details.
The more you write, the more Members will know about you.
3/ If you see some Vids or Pics you like.Add them as favourites and they,ll be added to your page, and New friends ,that visit your page will have an idea what you like.
4/ Upload some Videos that youd like to share with other Members.This way you are contributing to what is really a free site ,that realies on its members to upload content.
5/ Upload some pics to an Album that you can share with others.
6/ Ask advice from Members about adding Graphics to your page or visit sites like Pimp my
7/ Build up your friends list so you have more friends to chat to.Some members even share their Yahoo or Msn Address,s.
8/ Take part in the Blogs or even write a blog yourself.
9/Leave a message on your friends walls to stay in contact.

If you follow most of these points,You will have a Wonderful experience on
this site and Gain many New friends.
I also Encourage ,existing members that Have a Blank Wall or no Profile pic
to Add to their pages,by reading the above, ensuring a much better experience on GBT.

Any Comments about the above or Questions to members would be Welcomed Im sure.

Views: 191 · Added: 80 days ago

Anyone have the video of the Sampson twins?

Views: 249 · Added: 80 days ago

does anybody know why i can't upload a video to my files it just say (video upload stoped) and on 2nd page McAfee red warning page apears

Plan sexe a Chalon en bourgogne
Views: 155 · Added: 80 days ago

Qui d

Views: 68 · Added: 80 days ago

Thick black bars
Views: 191 · Added: 80 days ago

Hello all! I'm sure everyone will agree that this site is pretty damn good! I definitely enjoy it as much as possible and am VERY thankful for the creators and moderator

Yos. falls
Views: 77 · Added: 80 days ago

Views: 117 · Added: 80 days ago







A Little Gay History: Desire and Diversity Across the World

Listen to the guided audio tour here.



A Natural History of Homosexuality by Francis Mark Mondimore

a slow day at work
Views: 123 · Added: 80 days ago

Hi from a stranger...
Views: 189 · Added: 80 days ago

Hiya guys.

Going down!
Views: 94 · Added: 80 days ago

New on GBT
Views: 122 · Added: 81 days ago

Hey guys My name is Darby. Well I'm not new. I went away for a bit. Now I'm back just started my new blog. hmu

Views: 120 · Added: 81 days ago

T in the park
Views: 293 · Added: 82 days ago

fabulous, good thing to get me out of how I am feeling. I figured when life kicks dirt your face, you dust yourself down, and say bring it on, my mum had a bad accident,my auntie died. So its time to stand tall......

Looking for company
Views: 82 · Added: 82 days ago

Any Lads in the Yorkshire Area fancy coming for rides out on my bike or joining me on yours

Views: 164 · Added: 82 days ago

Looking for daddies who need a cute twink boy ;)

Views: 148 · Added: 83 days ago

if someone has big hands does that mean they have a big heart

I'm Back! :-)
Views: 127 · Added: 83 days ago

Everyone, I'm back! I'd like to thank all of you who messaged me and wrote on my profile trying to keep in touch, it made me smile ear to ear to know that you all care! I took a much needed long break from the online world, not just GBT. I finally feel back to my old self at last! I've been back at work for a month now, and it's going great! I haven't had chance to message anyone back just yet, but if you give me a few days, I'll reply to everyone!

900 Days!!!
Views: 333 · Added: 83 days ago

Thank you for the wonderful site!! Its been a grea 900 days. Here comes 1000 and many many more!!


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