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Hey I'm RJ i am a amateur at this and at other things i am a virgin and i went through literally 3 emo phases lol otherwise im looking for someone honest, funny, hug-gable, cuddle-able, and other things if you get my drift ;).... So over all i am well hoping to meet someone who truly gets me, and well i can talk to and you know "get to know" :) well message me :*

hot gay xbox gaymers
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hello i am looking to see if there are any hot gaymers out there that would like to meet up and chat on xbox live if there are any hot gaymers on here hit me up

This week, the Whittington Family uploaded a single video onto YouTube-the story of their grandchild Ryland. Ryland was born deaf. But soon after he learned to hear and speak with cochlear implants, he announced that he was a boy (despite being born female) This is their story:

A Thought for the Day
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Today is a Holiday for some.
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Come to me
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Come to me

Sign here.....
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charlie my friend
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i witnessed this happen to my friend take care charlie where ever you are i was there at te door helpless and say the panic and isolation lonleyness desperation in your eyes and i did nothing to help take care my friend sleep well warm and safe i think about you allways sorry i let you down - giles

how long do you take to shoot
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So how long does it take you to shoot your load when jerking off. Some guys can go on for like over an hour and some only 1minute. How long do you take to shoot your hot cum

Is this website being blocked by's search engine?

These should be in every men's restrooms!
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Yep!, that's a foot pedal! , how manyof you (as I do) use your feets to flush public toilets?

Public Sex?!
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What is your opinion?

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Does anyone still have that video
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There was a video posted about two days ago titled "boy and dog" where a guy in an orange shirt put peanut butter on himslef and his dog licked it up. I think it was taking down, but im wondering if anyone still has it

Disgusting Blogs
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What is it with these blogs lately.

I asked an elderly friend.....
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Boxers or briefs? He said, "ummmm.....Depends."

I recieved a death threat on GBT
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I do not know who on this site should be contacted about it. It Is an FBI matter, as it is a threat. THe sender no longer has his profile up, so I do not know who sent it, BUT im sure the DEVs at GBT know who it is through IP address. I am just wondering if others have also recieved this message and I would like to know what GBT intends to do about it. I recieved a personal message sent to me through GBT on 5/24/2014 @ 10:39 AM, with the subject reading:

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One for all I know
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Those Foreign Boys...
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This job that I have, I've only had for about two months now. It's not the greatest job, or even the most glamorous. I work my ass off the entire time I'm there and occasionally get a little frustrated and tired, but it's a job...and I need it. We all gotta eat and have a place to live, right?

Anyway, this is my first spring/summer at this job, and one of the things that I'm taking notice of very quickly is that we get a lot of foreigners in this place. Now, living in a small town, I would never have imagined that we get so many foreigners moving through here (and, for some reason, they all seem to be heading to Salt Lake City, UT... Maybe to the airport?) In fact, just yesterday, (5/25) we had a tour bus pull in with a bunch of Chinese people on it that were all heading to SLC. They were nice people, too. I actually enjoyed the time that they were all there (I was in a good mood). Unfortunately, I didn't see any cute Chinese boys on the bus. All the guys were either just little kids or older guys. But oh well... Better luck next time, I guess (apparently we get a lot of tour busses during the summer). But enough about this...

So, I'm at work today when this gorgeous German boy and his family come into the store. At first I didn't even know he was from Germany until I overheard one of my co-workers speaking to him about him being from Germany (I never would have guessed he was from Germany either as he spoke English really well. He didn't even have a German accent which kinda sucked because I like German accents). I couldn't quite catch everything he was saying either, so I have no idea which part of Germany he was from or what he said about why he was in the U.S.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just really like foreign boys. I mean, meeting them online is one thing, but seeing them in person is totally different. Your up close to them... You can see the expressions on their face... You can hear their voice... You can get a taste of the kind of personality that they have... And, if you're lucky, they might even acknowledge your existence (yeah, he did...sort of. I was pretty busy at the time).

The local boys in this town are fine, (some of 'em are even pretty hot) but they're so boring... It's like eating the same food day after day after day. You just get a little tired of it... Now, these foreign boys... I don't know what it is about them, but they're just so much more of a turn-on. They're from a completely different country, and they're just so...mysterious and erotic. It's like they're from a whole other world and your just dying for a taste of what they might have to offer...

Of course, it does have its drawbacks (meeting these gorgeous [holy shit he was really gorgeous] foreign boys). The most significant reason being that you know you will never, ever see them again which can be pretty depressing... [Don't fall in love... Don't fall in love...]

[Oh my gosh...his eyes...]

Okay, I guess I'm done. So.... Any of you ever meet any nice foreign boys? Any of you actually ever been with someone from another county? A country like...Germany for example?

RIP Maya Angelou
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Wonderful night
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It was such a great night at the gig where I sang last night...

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Do not click on "US Army Pup Tent"!

to know
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it is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice


American football IS really gay you know.
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American football is REALLY gay you know.

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Giant leap for mankind

Wank 'n' Drive (Edited)
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Tonight, driving back by myself from taking a friend somewhere out of town, I got really horny (as I do) and really felt like jerking off while driving. Unfortunately, I when I decided to whip out my hard cock I was coming into a transitted area. I got embarrassed, so I painfully tucked it back in. What about you, did ever get the guts to jerk off while driving?

how to put favorites on my page
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hi guys iam new to this site like to know how i can put suff on my favorites on my page plz

US Army Pup Tent - by Vintage Speedoboy
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My youthful experiences started during secondary school

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thats what you get when you combine YouTube Twitter and Facebook.


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