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wgat do you think about when you bottom?

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Thanks to those that posted on my wall. On Sunday I was admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Room with an inflamed appendix. It was removed yesterday. And I was discharged today. But Am not really coherent of pain free. Just wanted you to know am I alive and will be back in a normal rhythymn in a day or so. Hugs Thomas xxooxxoo

smile :)
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A quien le gustan peluditos como yo?
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Chicos latinos peludos, hablemos!

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getting a bit bored here lately
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this site isnt what it used to be lately.

Big testicle
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During the winter I happened to meet a young guy in his late 20s who had testicular cancer in high school. As a result one of his testicles was surgically removed. The one remaining almost doubled in size and was huge! He said his Dr told him some growth usually happens but not nearly as much as he experienced.

I was also suprised to learn how a testicle is removed. I just assumed a cut was made in the scrotum. But instead an incision is made at about the belt line and the cord and testicle is removed from there.

I just thought this was a little different and where else would I be able to mention it except here? Oh and by the way since I'm on the subject, testicular cancer can happen at any age! Though it's usually in guys in their late teens and early twenties, it can and does occasionally occur at all ages so check yourself, or check your friends, or have your friends check you or all the above!

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I know that BB sex is "unsafe" but why am I so damned obsessed with not wearing a condom?

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whats your favorite way to cum when you bottom? before your partner does? after? do u jo yourself? does he do it? or will he blow you after he shoots his load?

your colors
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i find strange corelations among guys hair colors that don't always follow what should be. facial hair doesn't always match head hair or eyebrows. pubs even differenent. so what are your natural hair colors from head to toe ? head, eyebrows, facial hair, pits, trail, pubes, ass, legs..and what color are your eyes just to compate.

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Im turning 18 soon andi'm thinking about going to a bathhouse here in toronto

What was your first experience like in a gay bathhouse and what should I expect?

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Are there any nerds on here?

Comic books/comic book inspired movies


other moives like LOTR (couldn't think of how to describe those type of movies)

So any favorites pr discussions about the above list or anything else that fits

Day 3
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Trapped on a desert island.

Ok, so I could use some help here...

I'm 27, just moved to San Francisco from a little conservative town in SoCal and have recently started messing around with other guys. I identify myself as Bisexual, but have not fully come out yet to Friends and Family. I told a few really good friends but thats about it. I have always been attracted to both girls and boys at a young age but never attacted on my feelings when I was young, which I deeply regret. Basically I realized that I will not be getting any younger and need to take full advantage of the youth that I still have left.

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for the xxxxxx time how do you up load photos ?

first time rimming
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so very common in vids now. my well do you like to know

13 year old boy humor:

friendly advice if you are a victim
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got a problem?

What I hear when I watch the news......
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Angel in the Alleyway
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spy cams
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hi fellow peeps just a quick one does anyon no where i may find new spycam vids as i get really turned on by them..

many thanks

Missouri anybody?
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I'd like some friends near KC...

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The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy-it's all that matters.-Audrey Hepburn

25 funny country song titles
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see inside

I wish we could see more cumshot contest videos!
Views: 125 · Added: 87 days ago

I wish we could see more cumshot contest videos!

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Friend can't sign up?
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I told a friend about this site and he tried signing up. He enters his info and then

Day 2
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Video hasn't posted yet...guess I will upload again.

Have you ever thought about the "pirate equation"?

Adult cinema
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I went to a straight adult movie theater last night. I
don't go to them often, but tonight I was in the mood to see
porn on the big screen.

When I arrived the theater had quite a few people in in, but
was by no means crowded. I sat down in the back row of the
theater and started to watch the movie. Gradually as it got
latter more and more people left. Eventually there were
only a people left.

When there were only a few people left. A very good looking
guy stood up walked right past me on his way out to the lobby or
bathroom. He had medium dark skin, was about 5'10" tall,
and had shoulder length wavey black hair. He had some sort
of black baseball type hat on. The was wearing a black
leather jacket, TIGHT blue shorts and black boots.

A few miniutes latter he came back and sat down in last seat
in the last row of the theater. I was sitting about 5 seats
away from him in the same row. I was jerking off while I
watched him go to his seat. When he got to his seat he
looked right at me, saw me stroking myself and smiled. He
then started rubbing his crotch and looking at me.

We went on watching each other doing this for a while.
Eventually I got up and sat down about 2 seats away from
him. I unbuttoned my 501's again and pulled my semi-erect
cock out of my pants and started stroking it. He continued
rubbing his crotch and watching me strok myself. I was also
watching him rub his crotch.

After about 10 minutes of this I got up and sat in the seat
next to him. I looked strait into his eyes as I started to
stroke the insides of his hairy thighs with my free hand. I
moved up and down his thigh with a feather touch while he
was rubbing the bulge in his shorts. I eventually moved my
hand to his crotch. I could see that he had pulled his
shorts up as tight as they could go. Most of his ass cheeks
were hanging out. I imagine his shorts were rubbing on his
asshole each time he squirmed is his seat. This made his
bulge evem more promenent.

While I was massaging his bulge he reached over and started
stroking my cock. I was in heaven. Eventually he had me
move my hand into his shorts so I could play with his 6" cut
cock while he played with my cock. It was really great.

After a while he pulled his cock out of his shorts so I
could wrap my lips around it. It smelled and tasted too
good. I could only suck him for a moment because there were
still a few people in the theater. He then did the same to
me. I wanted him to go on sucking me forever. It was
incredible. We then continued to play with each other for a
while longer.

Eventually the theater closed for the night and we had to
leave. Before we parted I asked him his name. He told me
it was Mark. I very suprised, as my name is Mark too. I
wanted so much to suggest that we go to either his place or
to my place to contimue what we started, but I was too shy.
I feel that I will regret not suggesting it for a long time.
I wish I had gotten at least a phone number.

Gay sugar daddy seeks lad to spoil
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Looking for a gay lad to spoil, I love to make you

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