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The moment you realized you weren't straight
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Alright everyone not only am I new to this site, but also just recently came out to my friends as being interested in men and women. I would like to hear your coming out stories! Firstly, I'm going to start with mine. It was my sophomore (10th) grade year in high school, which I'm 21 so it wasn't too terribly long ago, I was in the bathroom. Every day I used this bathroom (there were multiple bathrooms in my school) for that entire school year. It became apparent that every day it was the same people that went in there so that's that. One day I walked in and went to the urinal, and at that point I was the only person in there, then one of the "regulars" walked in, said "well, it's time to whip out my big cock" and pulled his shorts down, and at first I was like what the hell? From my peripheral vision I could see this thing... hanging down and I was like should I look, or should I not? Lol, well, I did. I looked over, and saw his really big dick hanging out of his shorts. In my head I was like "oh my god".

Devonian, Tolead and these super guys
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Hi Guys

Is it a good Idea to.........
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Say If I gave my phone number out, posted here. lol Would the guy of my dreams call me? or would I get flooded with text messages and calls upon calls by random people I don't know but would like to meet me? :D just wondering. I know I might get replys saying YES or so. But I am hesitant to, as I only gave it to a few people in my family, a friend. And Posted it to Boy Crush Studios.;)

I have a major thing for Asian boys...
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A few days ago, via Grindr, I found a guy who lives 5 mins from me and is after a ''cuddle buddy, friend with some benefits'' so I said hi and last nite he came over, we had cuddles, and within seconds of getting into bed his dick rubbed on my tummy and seconds later the clothes were off and we were at it. He is Malaysian background and has an amazing body and is so so cute and tonite I'm going to his place. He said we should do this ''most nites'' so I said look I could probably manage that haha.

I have such a thing for Asian boys. Not really vietnamese but all other asian boys just get me so hard. My last bf was from Hong Kong, and I've slept with one from every asian continent. (Not India, which is often refered to as South Asian, I just could never go there)

I remember 10 years ago, I was never attracted to them. Then I had a cute Thai boy one night, and it opened my eyes, but then I didn't experience another one until 2007 when I started a relationship with a guy who's parents are from Philipines but he was born here. We had an off and on again totally demented relationship that continues to this day, and we made a deal to one day get married.

But in the meantime, especially in the last 3 years, I just can't get enough of Asian guys. White guys lose their appeal to me once they hit about 21, I just don't like the ''manly'' look. I prefer slim, smaller built teenage-type bodies and us white guys just tend to lose them in the early 20's. I haven't lost mine (probably why I still get to sleep with ... younger guys) and I'm 33 now. But Asian boys keep these bodies until they are like 30! Its AMAZING and I love their smooth skin and cute looks and the way they always seem to be able to blow a HUGE load, which is good because I am quite the cum slut.

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Can anyone tell me what formats are accepted for video uploads? I have uploaded *.mp4 but it has not appeared.

Sex Robots
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Are you looking forward to the future when you could litterly call up a realistic human looking robot to come to your house and have sex with it? Like in the movie AI (Aritificial Intelligence)?

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From the makers of the 'Shake Weight'


The 'TUG Toner'!

Did they HAVE to make it pink? LOL

The past and present are full of gay people, some more famous than others, some quite obscure, who have made incredible contributions to humanity, often at great personal cost and in the face of persecution.

The summer blog
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What are you doing in the summer are you off some where where its hot or just staying at home and doing some grilling tell us your dreams and i will tell you mine

bull shit
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wy is it every time i try to log in to gbt

Share Function
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Does the share function on the vids and photos pages work for forwarding to other user?

hi guys
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hi i joined this site to make friends a lot o0f guys asked me for my e mail but not one gave me a reply what a crap site

I everyone.
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Hello everyone!
I'm back home since Tuesday, June 17, after 35 days of hospitalization and some complication, very happy to be back here for the next few weeks I will not be very active, I will take time to recover my strength. I give you a link that will explain the surgery I suffered.

Is this device the future of male masturbation?
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Are you fan of sex toys? Do you heard about the Autoblow2? It is due for this summer. Check the video at


Straight Dare.....
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How did the interviewer keep a srtaight face?

I'm Guessing He's A Proctologist?

I wonder what he named his kids?

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Just a Blog to say Happy 1500 days here Jake, even tho im a little late. No doubt one of the older Members here and a good friend from the start. Thanks Jake as your a friend for Life.

Are Lady boys acceptable?
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It can be a fantasy or fetish. However they compete hard to be a star


Anyone else having trouble
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...trying to watch videos on here tonight?

So has anyone ever used plastic gloves on yourself (just touching yourself in whatever way) for example when you are masturbating?!

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Have you ever had a rainbow spew out of your mouth before?!

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Its like heaven above i like GBT so much we went throw hard times but i love you so much Its are site and together we will make this a happy place i love you all god bless you.My life has had its ups and downs but i always made it back up the ladder and i wish you all a great holliday if your going some where or staying at home love and a big box of hugs to you all your Lionheart

plan your dream
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if you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonite what wood the story be

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If your uncle jack helped you off an elephant...
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Would you help your uncle jack off an elephant?

.....the newest model vibrates!!
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(sigh)...that finger is PURE magic. :)

One Washington D.C. area police officer took a stand against hate group the Westboro Baptist Church at a gay pride parade Monday by kissing his boyfriend. D.J. Stalter, an officer with the Arlington County Police Department, staged a photo op when he gave boyfriend Mark Raimondo a tiny kiss on the lips in front of the Westboro demonstration. Stalter, who was in his uniform, posted the pic to his Instagram account.

Undo Everything I've Done
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Daniel Sloss on Being Gay.....
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.....he's so cute.


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